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VISA Desjardins credit card
Caisse Financial Group offers a variety of VISA credit cards issued by Desjardins, with benefits such as low interest rates, authorized payments, online management of your VISA account through AccèsD and the BONUSDOLLARS reward program applicable to a variety of financial products and services, or travel expenses.

Apply for a VISA Desjardins card
To apply for a VISA Desjardins credit card use one of the following options:

   - To apply online.  New!

   - You can also go to your Caisse Financial Group to complete an      application in person. 

Access transactions online using AccèsD
   - For the first time only: click here.
     (This link is for people who have not used AccèsD in the past.)

   - To access your VISA Desjardins card transactions online click here.

If your VISA Desjardins Credit Card, is lost or stolen,
click here.

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