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Electronic Funds Transfer | Direct Deposit

At Caisse Financial Group, we’re always happy to see you! But for your convenience, we also offer a number of automated services. You can access your personal banking accounts easily and securely while you’re at home, at work or on the go – 24 hours a day!

e-Caisse Online Banking
Caisse Financial Group is open 24 hours a day with e-Caisse, our online banking network. Our simple and convenient banking options, including paying your bills, transferring funds, applying for loans, viewing your statement and investing online are available to you any time of day or night!

LA TELE-CAISSE™ Telephone Banking (24h)
With LA TÉLÉ-CAISSE™, you can access your secure account information 24 hours a day via telephone to pay bills or to complete transactions from any touch-tone phone. In Winnipeg, call 235-1414, or outside the city, call toll-free: 1-877-3CAISSE to access your account.

Debit Card/ATM Network
Your member debit card gives you access to the worldwide network of automated teller machines (ATMs) through the Interac™, Credit Union AccuLink® and Maestro / CIRRUS networks. For your shopping convenience, use your debit card for on-the-spot direct payment.

If your Caisse debit card is lost or stolen, click here.

Automatic Transactions
Authorize the automatic electronic transfer of funds to and from your chequing account to any RRSP, loan or savings account. Choose the amount and frequency you need.

Electronic Funds Transfer
Wire Canadian or foreign currency via secure telecommunication.

Direct Deposit
Funds (paycheques, dividends, pensions, etc.) can be electronically deposited directly into your account.

Our promise of confidentiality is your assurance that all financial matters, both personal and business, are well secured at the Caisse.

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