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About Us
Caisse Financial Group is a bilingual financial co-operative where, as a member, you are also an owner who profits from our success.

This makes the Caisse Financial Group significantly different from traditional banking institutions. In addition to profit sharing with member-owners, Caisse Financial Group returns a portion of its profits to the communities it services by supporting local projects and activities. Since earnings remain in the area you live, your membership directly contributes to the economic development of your community.

Membership, which is open to all Manitobans, is your key to accessing the Caisse Financial Group full range of products and services, designed to meet your personal and business banking needs.

On September 1st, 2010, the four Manitoba Caisses and the Fédération des Caisses populaires du Manitoba merged together to form one Caisse : Caisse Financial Group.

In the spring of 2011, the Board of Directors, with the executive team of Caisse Financial Group, developped the Mission Statement & Core Values of the new Caisse.

Mission Statement
Our mission statement describes who we are and is at the heart of our day-to-day business. Our mission reminds us of our origins and reflects our evolution over the past 75 years of the history of the Caisses of Manitoba :

Caisse Financial Group is a financial co-operative which is open to all, offers personalized service in French and English, supports the financial health of its members and develops enduring relationships with its members, employees and their communities.

Our Core Values
Our values are the frame of reference that guides our actions and decisions and shapes the culture of our organization :

Respect for Individuals
Value our members, employees and partners and foster an inclusive culture.

Membership is open to all.

We actively listen to our employees, members and partners and treat them equitably.

We provide our products and services in French and English.

We ensure the highest standards of confidentiality and adherence to privacy standards.

Integrity and Transparency
Be ethical, honest and fair at all times.

Our decisions are in the best interest of our members.

We provide complete, accurate and pertinent information to our members, employees and partners.

We take full responsibility for our actions and our decisions.

Continually improve our products and services in order to exceed our members' expectations.

We welcome and value ideas and solutions that will allow us to improve our performance.

We encourage and engage in the sharing of creative solutions with our employees, members and partners.

We adapt our strategies in light of innovation and new trends in the industry in order to remain competitive.

Community Involvement
Actively participate in the sustainable development of the community, which was an integral part of the foundation of our organization and continues to be the basis of our success.


We support community initiatives and projects through our Community Sponsorship Program.

We encourage community involvement among our employees.

We favor doing business with members and local community businesses for our organization's requirements.

We consider the impact of our decisions on the well-being of the communities we serve.

Proud of our Heritage
Celebrate our origins and preserve our culture.


We ensure that the governance and management of our organization is in French.

We ensure that our working language is in French, however we adapt to the linguistic needs of the region, as required.

We support the French speaking community of Manitoba.

Our History
Caisses have been serving Canadians since 1900, the year Alphonse Desjardins founded the first Caisse in Lévis, Québec. Caisses began as an alternative to banks because they are responsive to the needs of their communities and they guarantee members’ deposits.

Today, Caisse Financial Group occupies a unique place in the Canadian financial services industry. Here in Manitoba, the first Caisse was founded in Saint-Malo in 1937 and steady growth has ranked Caisse Financial Group as a premier financial institution in both urban and rural communities they serve. To receive a FREE copy of the Manitoba Caisse network history book, contact the Caisse Financial Group at (Available in French only)

There are 27 branches in Manitoba, controlling over 900 M $ in consolidated assets. 30,000 Manitobans are Caisse Financial Group members. At the core of this successful Caisse Financial Group are over 240 management, administrative support, tellers and member service personnel, each playing an instrumental role in its operations.

Excellent service to Caisse Financial Group members would not be possible without the contributions of our strategic partners. These organizations are key players in our efforts to bring strong products and services to our communities in a socially and fiscally responsible manner.


Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba
protects the deposits of Caisse Financial Group members and supports the provincial Caisse network.

Télé-Pop Inc.
provides end-to-end information technology services and business solutions to Caisse Financial Group and Credit Unions.

Concentra Financial
concentrates on the wholesale delivery of wealth management products and programs designed especially for Caisse Financial Group and Credit Union members.

Credential Group
offers an extensive line of integrated products and services for all stages in the financial life cycle of Caisse Financial Group and Credit Union members. Credential Group includes the following companies:  Credential Asset Management, Credential Securities, Credential Financial Strategies, and Credential Direct.

CUIS (Credit Union Insurance Services)
as a joint marketing initiative of the CUMIS Group and The Co-operators, CUIS provides insurance products to Caisse Financial Group and Credit Union members, ranging from life and health to accident and sickness to property and casualty. CUIS also offers other services such as business development programs, insurance technology support and financial planning.

Desjardins Financial Security
provides insurance products to Caisse Financial Group members. Products range from life, travel, health, accident, sickness to property and casualty insurance.

provides corporate financial services and administrative support in areas such as management, lending, finance, marketing, training and information technology to Caisse networks* in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and Acadia.

*Caisses outside of Quebec are independently owned and operated and governed under provincial legislation. All profit remains in the community and money is put to work locally.

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