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  • The Agri-Invest Program is designed to help producers deal with small drops in income or invest in improvements in their farming operations. The government provides matching of the producer’s contributions to an Agri-Invest Account.
  • Producers can use the funds in their Agri-Invest Account to address a small margin decline or for risk mitigation and other investments.
  • Click here for program details.
  • Government matched contributions are based on the participant’s Allowable Net Sales (ANS) in a given year.
  • ANS is the difference between the sales and purchases of eligible commodities.
  • Only revenue from sales and purchases of farm commodities are included in the calculation, as well as income from AgriInsurance or similar commodity-replacement programs. Other income such as custom work, rental income, or program payments are not included, nor are most expenses such as inputs, overhead expenses, machinery, rental expense, interest, depreciation, or labour.
  • Starting with the 2013 Program Year (fiscal year ending after December 31, 2012):
    1. The maximum government contribution is 1.0% of ANS
    2. The maximum producer deposit is 100% of ANS; the first 1.0% is matchable
    3. The maximum ANS remains $1.5 million
    4. The maximum account balance is 400% of the average ANS for the current year and the previous two years (or all farming years in the case of a new producer)
  • All producers are eligible, provided they report farming income for income tax purposes (status Indians farming on reserves are eligible if they submit the equivalent information), and meet all program requirements.
  • Most agricultural commodities are eligible except for supply-managed commodities, aquaculture, forestry products, peat moss, and game farming. Processing or resale of items not produced by the participant is not eligible.


  • Producers can make a deposit to their Caisse Financial Group Agri-Invest Account at any of our branch locations.
  • Producers can withdraw funds from their Caisse Financial Group AgriInvest account at any time.
  • If the participant has no sales or purchases of eligible commodities, or does not submit the program forms, for two consecutive years, their account will be closed and the balance paid to the participant.
  • Caisse Financial Group offers a market leading interest rate on our Agri-Invest Account. Click “Rates” above.
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly.