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The Interact Flash contactless payment function (Flash) allows you to make payments more quickly and easily. You do not need to insert your card and enter your personal identification number (PIN).

Simply hold the card less than 4 centimeters in front of a compatible reader to make your payment. A visual or audio signal will confirm that the Flash transaction was completed. The amount of your purchases will be instantly deducted from your Caisse account.

The Flash symbol appears on the right hand side of your Caisse debit card.

Look for the Flash symbol on merchants’ readers indicating that the Flash function is available on the reader. However, it could be that the merchant has not activated the contactless Flash functionality therefore it is always prudent to check with the merchant.

The Flash card has all the functions of our existing card using your PIN (eg. ATM transaction, payments at merchants that do not allow Flash functionality, etc.) and can be used worldwide. However, the Flash feature is only available in Canada.

Flash transactions use chip processing and rely on the same secure network as the debit card without Flash. All the safety benefits of Interac debit service are included, such as protection against: cloning, counterfeiting, replay fraud and electronic pickpocketing. However, the Flash feature allows you to make payments without entering your PIN to the limits described below, therefore, it is important to protect your card at all times.

As a security measure, Flash payments are subject to the limits set by the merchant and the financial institution, which reduces the financial risk in case of lost or stolen card.

Caisse has set a limit of $ 100 for each Flash transaction, however, the merchant’s limit could be lower. If the transaction exceeds the set limit, the member will be asked to insert his/her Flash card and enter his/her PIN to make the payment.

– Caisse has established a cumulative limit of $ 200 for contactless Flash transactions. This is the cumulative sum of the Flash payment amounts that have been made with the card since the last time the PIN was entered. Each time the cumulative limit is reached, the member will be asked to insert his/her card and enter his/her PIN; at this time, the cumulative limit will be reset and the member may continue to use the Flash function.

The Flash fonction allows you to make payments without entering your PIN up to the limits described above, it is important to protect your card at all times and to notify Caisse immediately if your card is lost or stolen.

You can alert us that your card has been lost or stolen by one of these 3 ways:

  1. Call your Caisse Financial Group Branch during business hours.
  2. Call one of the following numbers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. :
    1 866 260-7060 : Canada and the United States
    1 925 293-5241 : outside of Canada and the United States
  3. Complete the online form

Additional resource: What to do in case of fraud?

No, a purchase may be billed only once, no matter how many times you pass your card in front of the reader.

The Flash function will follow the same process as your existing card.

If you have more than one account in your Caisse portfolio, the withdrawal will be made primarily on the account that was identified as your primary account (Chequing or savings account). If the funds are not available in the primary account, the withdrawal will be done in your second account (Chequing or savings account).

If funds are not available in any of your accounts, the transaction will not be permitted.

Click here for more information about the Interac Flash contactless payment function.