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Paper Statement Fee

Congratulations to our ”Let’s Go Paperless Contest” winners:

They were randomly chosen among all members (over 18 yrs old) who were paperless as of August 25, 2021. Each received $500 simply for choosing to access their statements online rather than by mail.


Please note, starting October 2021, printed paper statements will be subject to a $3.00 fee. Some exceptions apply. See FAQ below for details.

Benefits & Features

It’s free! – Paperless Statements are FREE. As of October 2021, there will be a $3.00 service fee for printed statements. Certain exceptions apply.

It’s green! – Going paperless helps you and Caisse reduce our carbon footprint. From ink, paper and envelopes to gas and electricity consumption.

It’s secure! – Your Paperless Statement can only be viewed by logging into e-Caisse with your secure password. Paperless Statements cannot be lost in the mail or stolen from your mailbox or trash.

Learn more about e-Caisse Security.

It’s convenient! – You get access 24 months’ worth of account statements 24/7 via e-Caisse.

It’s fast! – Don’t waste your time waiting for your statement to be printed and shipped, your Paperless Statement is available for viewing on the first of the following month.

It’s flexible – Chose to view, save or print your monthly statement, you choose!

How to go Paperless

Let’s go paperless! First, you’ll need to have access to e-Caisse, our Online Banking Service. If you don’t already have access, please contact your Caisse Branch and we will gladly get you set up.

Here is an instruction video:

It’s Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Accounts requiring only one signature

– Login to e-Caisse.
– Click on the tab “Statement”.
– At the bottom of the page, click the box “Authorization to discontinue paper statements”.
– Click “Accounts requiring one signature”.
– Click “Agree”.

Accounts requiring more than one signature

– Login to e-Caisse.
– Click on the tab “Statement”
– At the bottom of the page, click the box “Authorization to discontinue paper statements”
– Click “Accounts requiring more than one signature”
– Print the form and have all the authorized signers sign the form
– Return the completed form in person to your branch or fax it to 1 204-285-3305 or email it to admcentres@caisse.biz.


We advise against giving your e-Caisse login information to your Accountant or anyone else because this gives them full access to your accounts including transfers. We recommend saving a PDF version of your statement and send it to whomever you’d like to share the information with.

If you wish to export your online statements to QuickBooks©, Quicken©, Simply Accounting© or Microsoft Money©, please visit our Online Statements Page for instructions.
Yes, your Power of Attorney (POA) can have full access to your account on e-Caisse. Please contact your local Caisse Branch for all the details.
YES! The sign-up process for these types of accounts does requires an extra step: Just print out the Discontinue Paper Statement Agreement form (CP801(05-2020)) from e-Caisse. All signers on the account have to sign and you will have to return it to your Caisse Branch.
Yes, you can switch to paper statements at any time by contacting your Caisse Branch. Please note that monthly fees for paper statements will apply.


Fee-Related Questions

In an effort to go green and be more ecologically sensitive, a $3.00 fee will be applied to paper statements starting with October 2021 statements.

Going paperless has a multitude of benefits:

• It's a green option that reduces our carbon footprint
• It's a more secure way to receive personal information rather than by mail
• It’s convenient, accessible 24/7 online, from the 1st day of the month
• Requires less space than physical statements
Yes. Commercial and agricultural accounts have access to online statements.
There are two conditions in which members are exempt from paying the paper statement fee:

1. If you hold a Golden Account before October 1, 2021, you will be grandfathered in to not having to pay fees for paper statements. We still encourage you to make the switch to paperless statements, as it is better for the environment, efficient and a safe way to access your personal information.

Please note that if your account is changed to a Golden Account past the date of October 1, 2021, you will no longer qualify for this exemption and be charged the $3.00 fee for future paper statements.

2. All Caisse registered products (RRSP, TFSA, RRIF) paper statements will be exempt from the $3.00 fee for all account types.


e-Caisse/App Related Questions

It’s easy as 1,2,3!

1. Login to e-Caisse to access your account
2. Click on the Statements Tab
3. In “View your online statement” section, select the month of the statement you wish to view and click the button of the statement or cheque images you’d like to view.

a. View online Registered Products statement
b. View online Statement
c. View cheque images
If you don’t currently have an e-Caisse login, please contact your local Caisse Branch and a Caisse employee will gladly set you up.
This function is not currently available on the Caisse mobile app however you can view your past transactions. Your statements are also accessible through e-Caisse.
Currently there are 24 months' worth of statements that are accessible via e-Caisse.

If you require a copy of statements that are no longer available through e-Caisse, please contact your local Caisse Branch and we will gladly print the statements that you require. (Fees may apply).


Tech/Computer Related Questions

Your account statements contain very sensitive and confidential information. Paper statements that are sent by mail can be stolen at any point on its journey to you, including your mailbox or garbage/recycling.
No. If there is a system delay and you require a copy of your statement immediately. Please contact your Caisse Branch for assistance.
Printing your online statement:
1. Open your online statement
2. Click File
3. Click Print

Saving your online statement:
1. Open your online statement
2. Click File
3. Click Save As
4. Save your statement in the folder that you wish