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Your online banking experience just got better!

Regularly receiving cash from Aunt Gertrude and getting tired of answering that security question every single time? Now you won’t have to with our new Autodeposit feature!

Another new feature: You can request funds directly through Interac® – so you can ‘gently remind’ Pat they sill owe you for their share of last week’s pizza!

Finally, treat yourself to that peppermint mocha because there’s a good chance your number of free transactions has increased*.

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*Depending on your account type. Conditions may apply

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Autodeposit e-Transfer
Autodeposit allows you to have money sent via Interac e-Transfer® automatically and deposited directly into your account, without having to answer security questions. Only one account per person.

e-Transfer Request Money
Request Money allows you to use the Interac e-Transfer® service to request money from anyone in Canada, via email or text message.

Free Transfers Increased
To see if your account qualifies, please visit our Chequing Accounts and No Fee Accounts pages.